Toolbox Options


Directory: Allows you to choose the directory for macros and BasicCAD files.

New Toolbox: Prompts you for a Custom Toolbox name and creates a new toolbox to which you may add commands.

Delete Toolbox: Deletes the currently selected Custom Toolbox.

Load Toolbox: This button loads the .dct file for a Custom Toolbox.

Save Toolbox: Saves the toolbox settings as an external file. This file may then be used for one or more DesignCAD Workspaces.

Customize Coordinate Bar: Sets what values are displayed in the Coordinate bar.


NOTE: The Angle field is only available for 2D Mode.


You can choose to insert commands, macros, or BasicCAD programs into the Custom Toolbox.

Available Tools: Choose which tools you want to add to the Custom Toolbox from the list.

Current Content: This is a list of tools which are currently in the Custom Toolbox.

Icon: This button displays the icon for the highlighted tool.

Add: Inserts a selected tool into the CustomToolbox.

Delete: Removes a selected tool from the Custom Toolbox.

NOTE: You can also insert a command icon into a Custom Toolbox by holding down Ctrl while clicking and dragging the icon from another tool box.