Auto Trace Bitmap

Creates vector outlines of specified colors in bitmaps. This allows the image to be manipulated in DesignCAD. With a color or black and white scanner, a drawing or other art can be scanned and saved as a bitmap, then each color can be traced to produce a DesignCAD drawing.

Bring a bitmap into DesignCAD with the Load Image File command. When the bitmap is displayed, select it and choose the Auto Trace Bitmap command. The following window appears:


The color to be traced is displayed on the Tracing Color button. To change color, click this button. The cursor turns into an eyedropper. Either in the thumbnail image at upper-right of the window or in the main drawing area, position the eyedropper on the item you want to trace. Click the mouse button. The sample is taken from the color at the eyedropper tip. The Tracing Color button will change to the color of the item you selected.


If there are multiple bitmaps in the drawing, you can click this button, then click on the bitmap you wish to trace.

The results of an Auto Trace are affected by the Picture Type, Detail Level, Color Level, Smooth Level, Noise Level, and Thinning Level options. Experiment with these options for optimal results. To change these values, click and hold the indicator using the mouse, then move the slider closer left and right. The Auto Trace results will automatically update when one of these options is changed.

Once you have selected the bitmap to be traced and set all of the options to the desired levels, click the Trace button. DesignCAD will trace the bitmap. If you like the results, click the Close button to close the Auto Trace Bitmap window.

Once you are satisfied with the result, select the bitmap and delete it. The new vector image of the bitmap remains in the drawing.

The Remove Bitmap after Trace option can be checked so DesignCAD will automatically delete the bitmap from the drawing once it has been traced.

NOTE: This command can only trace and convert one color at a time. If the bitmap image has entities in more than one color, you must execute the Auto Trace Bit- map command for each colored item you want traced.