Allows you to perform calculations on the screen. Once the computation is made, you can copy the result and paste it into a drawing.

In the calculation box enter the values and operators for the calculation. Then press Enter or click on the Compute button. DesignCAD makes the calculation and displays it in the box. Click the Close button to end the command.

The expression entered in the calculation box can contain a formula or expression. The following are examples of valid expressions:


(6+23)*4 SQRT(9)


The expression can contain mathematical functions and the following operators:

+ Addition

- Subtraction

* Multiplication

/ Division

^ Raises a number to a power (2 ^ 3 = 8)

Inserting a Calculation Into a Drawing

Select the text in the calculation box if it is not already selected. Press Ctrl+C to copy the text to the Clipboard. Click the Close button to return to your drawing.

Next, choose the Paste command (Ctrl+V). As soon as you do, a rubber-band text box appears, showing how the text will be inserted. Set a point for the lower-left corner of the text. The text is inserted into the drawing.

You can also insert the results of a calculation into a drawing by using one of the text commands which allow you to change the font, style, alignment, size, and angle. First, copy the text from the calculation box to the clipboard. Then choose the Text command .