3D Selection Mode

Shortcut Key: Ctrl+3

Toolbox icon:


Point 1: Object to be selected or first corner of selection rectangle

Point 2: Second corner of selection rectangle (optional)

Changes the selection mode of DesignCAD so that selections are made in 3D space rather than with respect to the drawing screen.

In 3D Selection Mode, the selection takes place in three dimensions. When you select an object by clicking on it, the cursor must be on the object on the X, Y, and the Z axis. When you select an object by dragging a box around it, the object must be enclosed along X, Y, and Z axes, not just the left, right, top, and bottom.

If you drag a selection rectangle around a region, objects inside that rectangle will be included in the selection. Don’t forget to use Ctrl+Shift to drag the cursor in the third direction so the objects will be encompassed in this dimension as well. To include objects that touch the selection rectangle, hold the Ctrl key down just before you release the mouse button as you complete the selection rectangle.

The Shift key can be used to add items to the current selection set. For example, to select two objects in the drawing, you can select one and then hold the Shift key down while you select the other.

When using commands like Gravity in 3D Selection Mode, the cursor snaps to the point that is closest in 3D space, not necessarily the one that appears to be nearest the cursor on the screen.

It’s easy to use 3D Selection Mode using the DesignCAD Tile views. This allows you to see objects from all sides. - the main Perspective view and smaller Front, Top, and Side views. Move the cursor so that it appears outside the bottom left corner of the object to be selected in all three of the smaller views. (You may have to press Ctrl+Shift while moving the mouse to get there).

Now press the left mouse button, hold it down, and move so that the cursor drags the selection box past the top right corner of the object in all three of the smaller views. Release the mouse button. If the selection box completely enclosed the object, it will be selected. (It takes some practice, so keep trying.)