Tangent Arc


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Draws an arc with a specified radius by defining a line tangent for one end of the arc.

Point 1: First point of line tangent to arc

Point 2: Second point of line tangent to arc

Point 3: Direction in which the arc is to be drawn

Enter the Radius and Length in the Arc window.


NOTE: The length of the arc is measured along the arc and is a linear measurement. It is not an angular or chord measurement.

Set the first point for the imaginary line to which the arc is be drawn tangent. Set the second and final point for the line; this point will also serve as the starting point of the arc. (These first two points may be set on the endpoints of an existing line - Use the Gravity command for this.) After the second point is set, a rubber-band arc is drawn and shows how the arc will be drawn. Move the mouse to determine the orientation of the arc. Set the endpoint for the arc.


N Segments: When saved as a line, this is the number of segments, into which the object will be divided.