Circle Tangent to 2 Lines


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Draws a circle of a specified radius which is tangent to two lines. The two lines must lie in the same plane unless you are currently in 2D Mode.

Point 1: First line tangent to circle

Point 2: Second line tangent to circle

There are three choices for how you want to save the circle:


Circle: Stored as an actual circle in the drawing.

Plane: Stored as a circular plane with 120 sides,plane circles can be shaded.

Line: Stored as a line entity. This makes it possible to scale the circle or treat it as a line entity with other commands.

Enter the Radius of the circle in the window. Set a point on each of the two lines which are to be tangent to the circle. A circle with the specified radius is drawn tangent to the two lines.


NOTE: If the two lines do not lie in the same plane, and the circle is drawn tangent to the two lines while in 2D Mode, the circle is drawn at the Z coordinate the cursor was on before the switch to 2D Mode. This will be ap- parent when you switch back to 3D Mode

N Segments: When saved as a plane or line, this is the number of segments, into which the object will be divided.