2D Selection Mode

Shortcut Key: Ctrl+2

Toolbox icon:


Point 1: Object to be selected or first corner of the selection rectangle

Point 2: Second corner of selection rectangle (optional)

Most DesignCAD commands require drawing objects to be selected. For example, to erase an object you can select it and then press the Del key.

2D Selection Mode causes the selections to take place with respect to the drawing screen. When you click on an object, the object closest to the cursor on the screen will be selected, not the closest object in 3D space. The two are not always the same.

There are four ways to select objects in DesignCAD:

  1. Click directly on the object.
  2. Drag a selection rectangle around a region.
  3. Choose the Select All command.
  4. Choose the Select Entity command.

This method only works while the program is in Preset Point Mode.

If you drag a selection rectangle around a region, objects inside that rectangle will be included in the selection. To include objects that touch the selection rectangle, hold the Ctrl key down during the selection.

The Shift key can be used to add items to the current selection set. For example, to select two objects in the drawing, you can select one and then hold the Shift key down while you select the other.

When you select something by dragging a selection rectangle in 2D Selection Mode, the objects inside the rectangle are selected, regardless of their “depth.” With 3D Selection Mode, you drag a 3D box, and objects must lie inside the box in all three directions to be selected.

NOTE: A DesignCAD drawing is always in either 2D Selection Mode or 3D Selection Mode. To change the selection mode, select this command, which is a toggle function.

You may also select the 2D or 3D Selection Mode tool in the Main Toolbox. If 3D Selection Mode is active, the 3D Selection Mode tool will be visible in the Main Toolbox. Click and hold on the tool; the tool drawer will slide out. While still holding the mouse button, move the cursor over the 2D Selection Mode tool. Release the mouse button to put the currently active drawing in 2D Selection Mode.

In 2D Selection Mode, the cursor is the familiar mouse arrow. In 3D Selection Mode, the cursor is a 3D cursor made up of three lines parallel to the X, Y, and Z axes.