Properties of Standard Views

For each standard view, the Properties window contains options for changing the scale, pen for visible and hidden lines, and section brushes.

Format Properties

This window enables you to change the Scale of the view. img

Brush Rotation: Select Rotatable Brush or Uniform Brush. This sets whether the brush pattern rotates or not when a section line has internal nodes and offsets. Angle: Specifies the angle of brush rotation, if the brush pattern is rotatable Suppress tangency hidden lines: Suppresses overdrawing where two or more lines are overlapping because of tangency. Additional format properties are available from the Selection Info Palette. img Curve Segments Amount: This option defines the Number of Segments between adjacent control points and applies to all curves inside of drafting object. This is a memory saving option.

Don't Show Hidden Lines: This option specifies whether all hidden lines of a drafting object are shown or hidden. This allows for more predictable behavior as invisible Hidden Lines will not interact with SNAPs

Curve Segments amount

Layer Set: Manage/select drafting layer sets.

In the Drafting Palette Options select a Layer Set. The Layer Set can contain both visible and non-visible layers.


Drafting Object Scaling:

Users can now define the Scale of Drafting Object through the local menu Properties of the Object.


Pen Properties

Properties of visible and hidden lines. img

Part of projection: enables you set pen properties of hidden and visible lines of different objects in the view.For other options on this page,

Section Brush Properties

Properties of the hatching of section views. img

Part of projection: enables you to set brush properties for different objects in the view.For other options on this page