The text allows you to add captions, and information on your page. Icon Descriptions.

  1. Add – Adds a text box to your page.

  2. Case – Updates case on a selected text box. (UPPER, lower, Title, Sentence.)

  3. Curve – Curve your text around or inside a square or circle shape.

  4. Shadow – Adds a shadow to the selected text to give it depth.

  5. Color – Sets a desired color for the selected text.

  6. Match – Match the color of other elements on the page.

  7. Black – Changes the selected text color to black.

  8. White–Changes the selected text color to white.

  9. Mirror – Flips the text horizontally. Flip – Flips the text vertically.

  10. Left – Rotates the text left 90 degrees.

  11. Right – Rotates the text right 90 degrees.

  12. Remove – Deletes the selected text box from the page.

  13. Edit – Enter and exit the typing mode, so that you can enter new text, or adjust the position.

  14. Padding – Increase or decrease the distance text is placed from the edge of the box.

  15. Border – Add a border around the selected text box.

  16. Address – Brings up your address book contact list.

  17. Field – Select a specific field from your address book.

  18. Insert – Allows you to insert the selected filed into a text box.

  19. Font – Loads a drop-down menu of available fonts.

  20. Size – Set the desired size of the selected text from the drop-down menu.

  21. Spacing – Adjust the space between lines. (1 – 3)

  22. Tracking – Adjust the space between individual letters.

  23. Horizontal Alignment – Set text justification to Left, Center, Right, or Full.

  24. Vertical Alignment – Set text justification to Top, Middle, or Bottom.

  25. Style – Select B (Bold), U (Underline), I (Italicize), or (Bullet) to apply the style.

  26. Opacity – Drag the slider left or right to increase or reduce the transparency.

  27. Rotation – Drag the slider left or right to apply a rotation.