Important Project Information

To avoid problems while creating projects, please review the following:

  1. Do not delete your project files. Keep your project and all related files on your computer’s hard drive until you have created the final output (print, photo album, etc.).

  2. Check your project.

Follow the steps in the Check Project menu prior to sharing your project.

a) Exit the software. Always exit the software before turning off your computer to avoid corrupting your project.

b) Adequate hard drive space. Projects require large amounts of hard drive space. Ensure you have a minimum of 10GB available disk space. If you run out of space while you are building your project, you may lose some of your work.

c) Backup your projects. To avoid losing your work, we recommend occasionally backing up your projects to an external drive. (File menu > Save As)

d) Trim area for uploaded projects 1/2" Prevent images and text from being cut when professionally printed by keeping the layout within 1/2” on all sides.

e) Updates. Occasional updates include enhanced features and bug fixes. We recommend installing any updates. (Help menu > Check for updates)