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Fig 9.4: Menus

  1. PrintMaster 2022 menu (Windows only): About PrintMaster 2022– Copyright and version information.

· Preferences: Change default program settings.

· Services: Services for an operating system.

· Hide PrintMaster 2022: Hide the PrintMaster 2022 program from view.

· Hide Others: Hide all other open window applications from view.

· Show All: Displays all hidden windows.

· Quit PrintMaster 2022: Quits PrintMaster 2022.

2. File menu:

· New Project: Closes the current project, and opens the new project window.

· Open Project: Closes the current project and display options for opening an existing project.

· Recent Projects: Displays a list of recently opened projects. Click on a project to open it.

· Closure Project: Closes the current project.

· Save: Writes the project in its current state to disk.

· Save As: Writes the project’s current state to disk in a custom location with a new name.

· Save Photo Layout: Create a layout for later use, using the current photo and text boxes.

· Delete Project: Delete a project permanently from your hard disk.

· Rename Project: Rename the currently opened project.

· Find Projects: Searches your computer for PrintMaster 2022 projects.

· Print Setup: Opens the Page Setup window.

· Print: Opens a print window for printing the project or individual pages.

· Export: Opens a window for exporting the project or individual pages in various formats.

· Exit: Closes the current project and quits PrintMaster 2022.

3. Edit menu:

· Undo: Cancels the last operation.

· Redo: Reverses the effect of the undo operation.

· Cut: Removes a page object from the page, but saves it in memory.

· Copy: Saves a page object in memory so that it may be pasted to another location.

· Paste: Adds the object from memory to the page (the object will be slightly offset).

· Paste in Place: Add the object from memory to the page without an offset.

· Clear: Permanently deletes a page object from the page.

· Edit Object: Displays object size and info. It also lets you adjust the size.

· Text Options: Update the case of selected text boxes. (UPPER, lower, Title, Sentence).

· Delete Object: Removes the selected page object from the page.

· Lock Object: Object cannot be edited or deleted.

· Unlock All Page Objects: Unlocks all objects on the current page for editing.

· Delete Shadow: Removes the shadow from the selected page object.

· Delete Page: Removes the currently selected page from the project.

· Find/Replace: Search and replace words in the project.

· Project Properties: Displays the Project Properties dialog.

· Change Project Size/Type: Change the current project to a different type and/or size.

· Convert to Full Avery Sheet: Create a compatible Avery template.

· Preferences: Opens the Preferences dialog to customize default program settings.

4. Arrange menu:

· Order: Adjusts the layer order of objects on the current project page.

· Align: Brings objects into alignment with each other or the page.

· Group: Fixes the position of objects red-eye one another.

· Ungroup: Returns a group of objects to individual objects.

· Select All: Selects all objects on the current page.

· Select All Clip Art: Same as Select All, except that it only selects clip art on the page.

· Change Background Paper: Allows you to choose the background for the current page.

· Page Numbering: Add or customize page numbers in the project.

5. Insert menu:

· Add Page: Creates a new page in the project.

· Add Other Template Pages: Add a set of select template pages.

· Import from My Projects: Add pages from other projects to the current project.

· Fast Fill Photos: Add a group of photos to empty photo boxes in the project automatically.

· Add Photo: Choose a photo (JPG or PNG) to add to the current page.

· Add Clip Art: Opens a window for selecting clip art to add to the current page.

· Add Text: Places a text box on the current page.

· Add Headline: Places a headline box on the current page.

· Add Shape or Line: Displays a list of shapes that can be added to the current page.

· Add Online Content: Displays items that are available at

6. View menu:

· View Project: Displays a preview of the way the project will appear in print.

· Bleed Area: Displays a darkened area around the page that may be cut when printed.

· Die lines: Hide/show cut and fold lines or instructions.

· Show Guides: Allows you to add guides to your page for easy alignment.

· Snap to Guides: Aligns objects to the guide when they are moved.

· Snap to Page Objects: Aligns object edge with other object edges on-page.

· Rulers: Displays rulers along the top and left the side of the page.

· Canvas Zoom: Opens a drop-down menu allowing you to zoom in or out.

· Page Spreads-Displays two pages side by side for easier editing and overlap.

· Previous Page: Selects and displays the previous page in the project.

· Next Page: Selects and display the next page in the project.

· Hide/Show Toolbar: Hides or displays the toolbar across the top of the interface.

· Hide/Show Design tools: Hides or displays the design tools on the left of the interface.

· Hide/Show Page Thumbnails: Hides or displays the page thumbs on the bottom.

· Hide/Show Resource Gallery: Hides or displays the gallery on the right of the interface.

· Master Page: Master overlay page, items added to the master are displayed on all pages.

7. Check the Project menu:

· Check Page for Errors: Checks for problems on the current page and displays a list of results.

· Check Project for Errors: Checks project for problems and displays a list of results.

· Check Spelling: Checks project for spelling errors and suggests changes.

· Lock Page: Page cannot be changed or deleted when locked.

8. Share Project menu:

· Print at Home: Opens the print wizard for printing to a connected home printer.

· Export: Prepares the project to be output to JPEG, PNG, PDF, or SVG files.

· Order Photo Album: Opens professionally print book upload window.

· Order Calendar: Opens professionally print calendar upload window.

9. Help menu:

· Search: Quickly search the User Guide for keyword related topics.

· PrintMaster 2022 Help: Opens the PrintMaster 2022 topics, and index help system.

· Check for Updates: Check for and install the latest version update.

· User Guide: Opens a PDF printable document for using PrintMaster.

· Browse Online Content: Opens

· Video Tutorials: Website with video tutorials and other helpful resources.

About PrintMaster 2022: Displays copyright and version information for PrintMaster 2022.