Photo Effects

Allow you to apply different effects to a selected photo.

  1. Black & White: Transforms a color photo into a black and white photo.

  2. Sepia: Applies a brown and white coloration to the photo.

  3. Blue: Applies blue coloration to the photo.

  4. Red: Applies red coloration to the photo.

  5. Brighten: Brightens the image.

  6. Darken: Darken the image.

  7. Mirror: Flip the photo around horizontally.

  8. Flip: Flip the photo vertically.

  9. Blur: Softens the focus, reducing the definition of the photo.

  10. Sharpen - Increases the focus, or definition, of the photo.

  11. Negative: Reverses the colors in a photo, as if viewing a film/photo negative.

  12. Gamma Correction: Changes the brightness values of the gray tones without dramatically altering the shadows and highlights.

  13. Emboss: Makes the photo look like foil has been placed over the photo, sculpted to the photo’s contours, and then colorized.

  14. Sketch: Simulates a pencil drawing of the photo.

  15. Impressionist Painting: Gives the photo an artistic, brushed look.

  16. Fish Eye: Distorts photos to make the middle portion of the photo appear larger.

  17. Effect Amount: Drag the slider left or right to apply more or less of the effect


Fig 10.10.10: Photo Effects