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  1. Add a shadow to a photo to give it depth and make it stand out on the page.

  2. Select a photo and click on the shadow icon to display the shadow dialog.


Fig 10.10.7(a) - Shadows

  1. Use the Opacity slider to affect how dark or light the shadow is.

  2. Use the Blur slider to increase or decrease the sharpness of the shadow’s edge.

  3. Click Change to choose the shadow’s color.

  4. Use the arrow keys to adjust the shadow position or drag the shadow in the preview.

  5. Toggle the checkboxes to apply the shadow settings to all images.

  6. Reset to Default will clear the current settings.

  7. Save as Default will save the current settings as the default.

  8. Click OK to apply the shadow to the selected photo.

  9. Crop: Allows you to display the desired section of a photo.

  10. With a photo selected, click on the Crop icon.

  11. If the photo is already cropped, it will show the current crop area.

  12. If the photo does not have a currently defined crop area, position your cursor in the preview area, then left: click and drag a selection box to define the crop area.

  13. Drag from the small grey box handles to adjust the size of the crop area.

  14. To start over, or to display the entire photo, click the Clear Crop button.

  15. When you are satisfied with your crop area selection, click on the OK button.

  16. The grayed areas of the photo will not be shown on the page.


Fig 10.10.7 (b): Shadows