Icon Descriptions

  1. Add – Add a selected Clip Art to your page.

  2. Recolor – Recolor the selected Clip Art.

  3. Crop – Crop unwanted portions of a Clip Art image.

  4. Shadow – Add a shadow to the selected photo.

  5. Mirror – Flip the image horizontally on the page.

  6. Flip – Flip the image vertically on the page.

  7. Left – Rotate the image left 90 degrees.

  8. Right – Rotate the image right 90 degrees.

  9. Remove – Deletes the image from the page.

  10. Edit – Displays Clip Art info and allows you to adjust the image size and position.

  11. Reset – Sets the Clip Art back to the default state.

  12. Custom – Select an image file from your computer to use as Clip Art.

  13. Opacity – Drag the slider left or right to increase or reduce the image transparency. Rotation – Drag the slider left or right to apply a rotation.


Fig 10.15.1: Clip Art