Add Contact Details

  1. To place contact details into a project, follow these steps:

  2. In the left- hand Design Tools navigation select Text

  3. From the Text tools option select Address

  4. You should now see the Address Book

  5. From the Address Book select the Contacts that you would like to include in your project

  6. Next, add a text box to the project by selecting the Add option from the Text tools option

  7. To add a name and address from your Address Book select the First Name from the Field next to the Address button.

  8. With the text cursor in the text box where you want to place the First Name, select the Insert button. Continue this process to add the Last Name, Address 1 and remaining address fields.

  9. You may need to increase the font size to make it easier to read. Select the Size

  10. Option under the font name and choose a larger font size.