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Photo Box

  1. Add or use an existing photo box on the page.

  2. Double: click on the empty box.

  3. Select an image from your computer and click Ok.

  4. Drag and Drop: You can drop images onto your page from a folder on your computer.

  5. Copy and Paste: You may copy and paste image files onto your page as well.

  6. Photo Tiling: Allows you to fill multiple photo boxes with a single image.

  7. Open the Photos tab under Design Tools.

  8. Click on the Add Photo Box icon to place an empty box on your page.

  9. Repeat this process, size, and position multiple boxes throughout the page.

  10. While holding the shift key, select multiple boxes with a left-click.

  11. Once all the boxes are selected go to the Arrange menu > Group.

  12. Open the photos tab in the Resource Gallery.

  13. Drag and drop an image from the gallery onto the grouped boxes

  14. The image will fill the space of the grouped boxes leaving space between boxes.


Fig 10.10.5.: Photo Box