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  1. The background serves as the bottom layer of a page. Icon Descriptions.

  2. Add: Select a background paper to add your page. Color – Select a color to apply to as your background. Black – Set the background color to black.

  3. White: Set the background color to white.

  4. Recolor: Recolor the currently applied background image. Effects – Apply an effect to the current background image.

  5. Tile: Makes a smaller repeating tile pattern of the current background image.

  6. Custom: Select an image file from your computer to use as a background.

  7. Mirror: Flip the background horizontally.

  8. Flip: Flip the background vertically.

  9. Left: Rotate the background image 90 degrees to the left. Right – Rotate the background image 90 degrees to the right.

  10. Remove- Deletes the current background.

  11. Apply: Applies the current background to all other pages in the project.

  12. Opacity: Drag the slider left or right to increase or decrease the background transparency.


Fig 10.9: Backgrounds

  1. You can set the background to be a color, paper, or image.

  2. Projects start with a transparent checkered background, if you add objects to your page and export it as a PNG the exported image will only display the page objects added because the background is transparent.

  3. If you export your page as JPG or PDF and have not set a background it will default to a white background.