Installing PrintMaster from the download

  1. Select the download link from the provided site or email.

  2. The download will begin automatically, please be patient while it downloads.

  3. If you are using Safari or Google Chrome, it will download automatically once the link is clicked.

  4. If you are using IE or Firefox, you may be prompted to Save or Open a file, choose Save.

  5. After the download completes the installer will be saved in your Downloads folder by default.

  6. Open your downloads folder. (HD or C:/Users//Downloads)

  7. Double‚Äźclick on the PrintMaster 2022 installer.

  8. You will be prompted to open or run the application, click Open or Run.

  9. If prompted, enter your computer password, or if prompted with a UAC select Yes.

  10. Keep the default settings and locations, if you need to do a custom installation, please reach each step carefully.

  11. It will automatically open a web page to register. When done registering, close the page to return to the installer.

  12. When installation gets completed, click Finish to close the installation window.