Far Off Adventures


The Far Off Adventures game builds your typing rhythm and endurance. The object of the game is to keep your balloon airborne until it reaches its destination. The game becomes more difficult as your Typing Goal improves. When your Typing Goal is set at a greater WPM/KPM, the balloon falls more quickly. You must type the correct keys at a faster, consistent rate to keep it aloft.

  1. To play Far Off Adventures, type the characters as they appear in the boxes at the bottom of the screen. If you’re typing in Standard mode, then you must type the letters correctly. If you’re typing in 10-Key mode, then you must type the numbers correctly.
  2. Speed is not the key to this game. Instead of typing as quickly as possible, you want to type the characters accurately and with a consistent rhythm.
  3. If you make too many errors or lose your rhythm, the balloon crashes into the water and the game ends.
  4. If you keep your balloon aloft until the end of the game, you visit a secret destination.