D10 Lesson 10

D10W01 Dear Executive:

D10W02 The success of any lunch or dinner conference

D10W03 depends on more than your notes and overhead projections.

D10W04 Success depends on a suitable atmosphere.

D10W05 If you meet in the banquet room of a restaurant,

D10W06 service, noise levels, and distractions

D10W07 may ruin the concentration of your audience.

D10W08 This may spell disaster for your meeting as well as your reputation.

D10W09 So why not have your conference catered by Classy Caterers?

D10W10 It is our business to make your business meeting run smoothly.

D10W11 Our personally prepared meals are perfect for any lunch or dinner meeting.

D10W12 You may choose that perfect meal from our vast menu,

D10W13 or for that special meeting, we will be happy to customize each meal for you.

D10W14 Your food will be delivered at the exact time you specify,

D10W15 and your guests will have our undivided attention.

D10W16 By the time you’re ready to get down to business,

D10W17 we will have satisfied your guests and they’ll be prepared to concentrate.

D10W18 We are waiting to serve you!