Class Averages

Depending on which options you’ve selected in the Name drop-down menu—either an individual class profile or the All Class option—summary information about the progress of all the students in a class profile or summary information about the progress of all student profiles in the program displays at the bottom of the Reports screen.


Specifically, the following information displays:

  • The total amount of students displayed on the Reports screen displays in the lower-left corner.

  • The students’ average in WPM and in KPM displays under the WPM/KPM column.

  • The students’ average in AWPM and in AKPM displays under the AWPM/AKPM column.

  • The average amount of time students spent in the program displays under the Total Time Played column.

  • The students’ average accuracy percentage displays under the % Accuracy column.

As you may have noted already, all of the Class Average numbers correspond with columns above them. The first number represents students’ average in WPM and the second in KPM. For example, if you select an individual class profile from the Name drop-down menu and “77/0” displays under the % Accuracy column, it means that students in that class profile have a seventy-seven percent accuracy in Standard mode but have not yet completed lessons in 10-Key mode.

It’s important to note that class summary reports may be skewed when students whose information is displayed in the report have not yet completed lessons in one mode or another because their lack of experience is represented with a numerical value of zero.