Check-Out Time


The Check-Out Time game is designed to help you practice typing with the 10-key number keypad on your keyboard. The object of the game is to correctly enter the amount on the cash register display for all of the grocery items. This game does not become more difficult as your Typing Goal improves.

  1. To play Check-Out Time, accurately enter the price of each grocery item as it moves across the scanner from the right side of the conveyor belt. The prices of grocery items appear in the cash register display once they are resting on the scanner. Type each amount quickly and accurately and press the Enter key.
  2. If you type a number correctly, the grocery item falls into the bag.
  3. If you type a number incorrectly, the grocery item falls to the floor with a splat.
  4. The game ends when you fill the bag with groceries to win, or when you make too many mistakes.