Creature Lab


The Creature Lab game builds your typing speed and accuracy skills. The object of the game is to collect the colored segments displayed in the microscope. These segments help you design an animal before the game time runs out. Once you have collected each part of the animal, your creature appears on the screen. This game does not become more difficult as your Typing Goal improves.

  1. To play Creature Lab, quickly and accurately type the characters below the colored strands in the microscope. The game begins when you press the first key.
  2. To build a single-colored creature, choose a creature from the creature list displayed across the bottom of the screen. Each type of creature corresponds to the color of a strand in the microscope. For example, if you want to create a rabbit, type only the letters beneath the red strands in the microscope.
  3. To the right of the creature list, is a diagram of your creature’s body segment. The body segment on which you are currently working highlights in the diagram. You have to type several strands of a particular color to complete a body segment.
  4. When a body segment is complete, the creature diagram fills it with the color corresponding to the type of animal that you are creating. For example, if the head segment is selected and you are only typing the words beneath the red strands, your creature will have the head of a rabbit.
  5. You may type the words beneath strands located anywhere in the microscope. You do not have to begin at the top of the screen. If you make an error, the game waits for you to correct it before proceeding.
  6. If you are typing in Standard mode, each onscreen word begins with a different letter. For example, if the word game appears, no other onscreen word begins with the letter g. Once you correctly press the first key of a word, you are committed to completing that word. Similarly, when you are typing in 10-Key mode, each number string begins with a different number.
  7. Winning the game depends on the speed and accuracy of your typing. You lose the game if you make too many mistakes or type too slowly. Your creature appears on the screen after you successfully complete all of its body segments.