Exercise 3

How you dress can say quite a bit about you. This fact couldn’t be more pertinent than when you begin a job search. Remember, the person interviewing you is trying to get to know as much about you as possible in a very short amount of time, sometimes in one-half hour or less. He or she is looking closely at every detail about you to help him or her make the final decision about whether you will be right for the job. Your style of dress doesn’t make your career, but it helps.

Generally, if you have a question about an outfit, don’t wear it. In most cases a more traditional “look” is the wisest choice. A clean, crisp appearance is always better than sporting the latest fashion craze.

Whether you choose a skirt, dress, or pants (for women, of course!) or a coat and tie or suit (for men), make sure that these clothes are freshly cleaned and pressed and that the colors are flattering to you. A fresh, uncluttered appearance might well give the indication that you perform fresh, uncluttered work. This theory might sound silly or strange, but think how many times you have judged someone by how he or she is dressed (“Oh, he was just wearing old tennis shoes and ugly shorts!”). So, next time you head out the door to meet someone important, stop by the mirror and give yourself the once-over!