Adding Tasks Using the Task List

A task list is a file containing the tasks you have specified. A new task list is created with each new calendar collection. It allows you to group various types of business and personal tasks.

To access the task list:

  • Click img to open the task list (or select Show Task List from the View menu).

To remove a task from the calendar without removing it from the task list:

  • De-select the Display Task check box in the first column of the task list. To add the task back to your calendar, re-select the check box.

To add tasks directly into the task list:

  • Click to select a blank line in the task list. Then click again in one of the task information fields (such as Description) and enter your text.

Task Information fields are used to enter task related information. Each task information field is described below:

  • Done allows you to check off the task when it is completed.
  • Priority allows you to indicate the importance of the task in relation to others.
  • Description allows you to enter brief information about the task.
  • Category allows you indicate the type of task (Appointment, vacation, etc.).
  • Start Date allows you to indicate the date the task begins.
  • Due Date allows you to indicate the day the task needs to be completed.
  • Status allows you to select the status of the task (In Progress, Pending, etc).
  • Note allows you to attach more detailed information to your task through the Modify Task dialog.

Tasks can also be entered via the Add Task dialog box. See Adding Tasks With Details for instructions.

Note: As you work with your file remember to save frequently using img or the Save Collection option on the File menu. (See Saving Your Calendar File for more details.)