Adding Tasks With Details

To add an task using the Add Task dialog box:

  • Double-click a task list cell, or select the cell and click img. Or, from the Tasks menu, choose Add Task.

To modify a task using the Modify Task dialog box:

  • Double-click a task in a task list cell or the task list, or right-click a task and select Properties. Or, select a task and choose Modify Task from the Task menu.

The Add Task and Modify Task dialog boxes display. Use these dialogs to add or change your task information. The following list describes each field in the dialogs:

  • Description is used to enter brief information about the task.
  • Note is used to enter additional task related information.
  • Category allows you to indicate the category of the task. The drop-down category list includes the categories provided with Calendar Creator, plus any categories you have created. (See Organizing Your Tasks by Category for more details.)
  • Priority indicates the importance of this task in relation to others on your task list.
  • The Task Effects section offers some formatting controls which affect the appearance of the task on your calendar task list. You can add a Shading and/or Shade Color to the cells of your calendar task list.
  • The Start Date and Due Date fields are used to indicate the starting and ending dates of the task. For all new tasks, the Start Date field is today's date. The Due Date field is initially blank. Click the button to the right of the Start Date and Due Date fields to display the Start Date and Due Date Calendars. You can use these calendars to change these fields or type a new date directly into the fields.
  • The Status section allows you to indicate the status of each task. (Not Started, In Progress, Pending, Done)