Basic Printing

Assuming you are satisfied with what you saw in your print preview, you are now ready to print your calendar. If not, return to the Page Setup dialog box (accessible from the File menu) and make your changes.

To begin printing:

  1. Select Print from the File menu, or click img and the Print dialog box displays. The Print dialog box is used to select your printer and control its various properties. This box is also used to print to a file and set the number of printed copies. Printing to a file creates a special .prn file that you can then easily transport to print elsewhere.

If necessary, set any or all of the following options:

  • Select the name of your printer from the Name drop-down list. To add a printer that's not listed, refer to your printer's user documentation.
  • Select Print to File to indicate that the information is to be stored to a specified file instead of printed.
  • Number of Copies indicates the number of copies that will print.
  • Select Print Overflow to print calendar information that doesn't fit in the allotted space.
  • Print in black and white prompts color printers to print a color document in black and white (a practical choice for draft versions).
  • Print Facing Pictures prompts Calendar Creator to print any programmed pictures opposite the calendar page.

  • To add facing pictures to your calendar select View Properties in the Layout menu and click the Facing Pictures tab.

  • Time Range options are used to indicate the time range to be included in the printed calendar.

  • The Start Date field automatically adjusts to the start date of the current calendar but can be changed as needed.

  • The Periods field is used to indicate the number of periods (i.e., time spans) to print. For example, if you are viewing a multi-week calendar (which encompasses a 6 week period), and increase the period from 1 to 2 , the result will be a 12-week calendar printout.

  • The End Date field is used to indicate the last date to be included on the calendar. This field automatically adjusts according to the indicated number of periods, but can be changed as needed.

  • Click Print Preview to preview your print job, or click OK to begin printing. If the results are not what you expected or if you have a more complex calendar layout, see Setting Print Options for details.