Print Preview

Calendar Creator provides a print preview feature that allows you to view your calendars before printing them. This feature works much like the print preview in most Windows-based applications.

  • Select Print Preview from the File menu or click the Print Preview button in the Print dialog box. You can also click img on the Main toolbar. The Print Preview screen will appear.

The buttons across the top of the Preview screen perform the following functions:

  • Print prints the calendar(s)
  • Next Page displays the next page in that layout (available only for multi-page printouts)
  • Previous Page displays the previous page in that layout (available only for multi-page printouts)
  • Zoom in allows you to magnify a particular area of the image
  • Zoom out reduces the magnification level to display a full view of the image
  • Close closes the preview

Preview your calendar and make any necessary adjustments prior to printing. When you are satisfied with the way your calendar looks, click Close or Print.