Other Calendar Customizations

Mini calendars are reference calendars that can be added to a calendar view. The availability of each mini calendar is dependent on the active calendar view. Mini calendars are used for display only and events cannot be entered into them.

To add a mini calendar to a calendar:

  1. In the calendar view, click img, or select Mini Calendar from the Add menu. When you do, the cursor changes from an arrow to a cross (+).
  2. Click and drag to define the area for the new mini calendar. When you release the mouse button, the mini calendar displays on your calendar.

  3. You can adjust the size of the mini calendar by clicking and dragging any of its points (the squares that appear when it is selected). You may also move the mini calendar anywhere on your calendar by simply selecting and dragging.

  4. You can apply styles, insert a picture, or control the miscellaneous settings of the date object by double-clicking or by selecting Properties from the Edit menu while the Mini Calendar is selected.