Using the Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is a mini application with its own window and set of menu commands. When you insert a picture into your calendar, the Art Gallery automatically displays.

The Select Featured Art and Photos drop-down menu on the All Art & Photos tab lets you select a collection of images. When you make your selection, the images in that collection are displayed in the preview area on the right. The All option displays all the pictures included in the product regardless of collection. The My Art & Photos tab displays pictures you have scanned in or imported.

The Choose Category for Graphic drop-down menu lets you select a subject category of images, such as "Animals" or "People." Selecting a category displays those images in the preview area on the right.

The Enter Search Words field lets you search for pictures by search word such as "birthday" or "vacation."

To find a picture:

  1. Type the subject in the Enter Search Words field

  2. You can narrow your search to a specific collection and/or category using the drop-down menus. If you want to search the entire contents of the Calendar Creator image library, be sure the Select Featured Art & Photos and Choose Category for Graphic fields say All.

Your recent searches are kept in the drop-down list next to the Enter Search Words field. To return to a previous search, select a word from the list and click Go.

Your search results will appear in the preview area on the right.

Note: When you have finished your search, click Reset to clear the search function and display the unfiltered contents.

  1. Select the image you want to insert it into your calendar, then click Select.

The Art Gallery closes and the image is placed in your calendar layout.

To position and resize your picture:

  1. When the picture is placed in your calendar, you can click and drag it to a new position.
  2. To resize your picture, single click to select it, then click and drag one of the corners until the picture is the desired size.

Note: To learn even more ways to use the Art Gallery click the img button on the Art Gallery toolbar to access the Help File.