Event Report Views

An Event Report is a view of events that can be customized in a variety of ways, like the other views (month, week, day, etc.). This view allows you to show any information associated with an event such as titles, start/end times, dates, and notes. Using this view, you can customize the information displayed. With this feature you can also select specific information to print out on the Event Report.

To use the Event Report view:

  • Open the View menu and select Event Report on the Show Calendar submenu. You can also select Event Report from the View Indicator on the Navigation toolbar.

To format your Event Report:

  • Right-click the event grid to access the Layout Object Properties dialog box. Select the Miscellaneous tab. Now you can specify a date range for the report and format your report with columns. You can also choose to display start/end times, and notes. (See Printing Your Event Reports for information about printing reports from your event list.)