The Calendar Creator Hub

The Hub is the main entry point into Calendar Creator. It offers a streamlined way to select your calendar options.

To begin, select Create a new Calendar or Open an existing Calendar.

Create new Calendar option:

  1. Choose a Ready-Made Calendar A Ready-Made calendar lets you get started quickly using a professionally designed calendar.
  2. Create a Calendar Using the Calendar Wizard The Calendar Wizard helps you create a custom calendar using your favorite style, colors and images.
  3. Start with a Basic Calendar A Basic Calendar gives you complete functionality in a simple design.

Note: All calendars can be viewed as daily, weekly or monthly. And most can also be viewed as multi-month, multi-week and yearly.

Open existing Calendar option:

  1. In the Which Calendar? area, select a calendar you have already created. Or, click the Browse button to navigate to and open a calendar stored on your hard drive.

Other options available from the Calendar Creator Hub:

  • Getting Started Click this button to access the Getting Started tutorial in the Help Center.
  • Get More Click this button to access Calendar Creator's product page at
  • Help Center Click this button to display the opening screen of the Help Center.

If you are an experienced user of Calendar Creator, you may want to change your startup settings.