Saving Your Calendar as a PDF File

Calendar Creator allows you to save a calendar view in the PDF file format which your local digital printer center can open and print accurately without having the Calendar Creator program installed.

To save a calendar view in the PDF format:

  1. With your completed calendar view open, do one of the following:

  2. Choose Save as PDF from the File menu.

  3. In the Print dialog, select Broderbund PDF Creator from the Printer Name drop-down list.

The Save as PDF dialog box displays with the PDF file type selected.

  1. Select a location to save your project in the Save in drop-down list.

  2. Type in a name for your project in the File Name field

  3. Set the calendar Start Date and number of Periods.

  4. Select the resolution of your project from the Resolution drop-down list.

  5. Click the Save button.

The project will be saved as a PDF file with your selected options.

Notes: If you want to download a reader to view your saved PDF file, click here.(To return to the Help File, double-click on the Save Your Calendar as a PDF file topic.)

If the PDF Creator has been uninstalled and you want to reinstall it, use Windows Explorer to navigate to: Program Files/Broderbund/Calendar Creator, then click on the PDF Creator Install.exe.

The Save as PDF feature is not available in all versions of Calendar Creator.