Adding Notes to Your Calendar

Using the Notes feature, you may add notes to your calendar to display important information. Similar to text boxes, notes can be added anywhere on the calendar.

To add a note:

  1. In the calendar view, select Note from the Add menu, or click img. When you do, the cursor changes from an arrow to cross (+).
  2. Click and drag to define the area for the note object. The Note object displays on your calendar.
  3. Enter text directly into the note area on your calendar.
  4. If desired, select or highlight the text, then change the font, size, and other text styles directly from the format toolbar.
  5. To customize the text and other characteristics of your note, right-click on it and select Properties, or select Properties from the Edit menu. The Layout Object Properties dialog box displays. Click Show Shadow to place a shaded box behind the note. Click to de-select Moveable if you want to lock the position of the note on your calendar.
  6. You can reposition your note in the calendar by selecting the note object and dragging it to the new position.