Adding Shadows and Highlights to Text

To add shadows and highlights to text:

  1. Access the Text Object Properties dialog box by Adding Text to Your Calendar .

  2. Select the Shadow/Highlight tab.

  3. Use the fields provided to add the desired shadows or highlights to the text:

  4. Style indicates the style of the shadow or highlight such as Normal, Real, or Graduated.

  5. Depth indicates how deep you want the shadow and highlight to appear.

  6. The Direction boxes specify the angle of the shadow or highlight.

  7. Selecting the Do Not Extrude box creates a separate shadow instead of filling in the area between the text and its shadow.

  8. The rectangle area located to the right of the Style fields is for selecting the color of the shadow or highlight. Simply click within the field to display the color palette, then choose your color.

  9. As you make your selections, the preview area is updated. View your changes, and click OK when done.