Placing a Picture in the Calendar Background

You can place a picture on your calendar's background and make the calendar grid transparent to create a stunning full image calendar. To create that effect:

  1. Click img or select Picture from the Add menu to access the Art Gallery.
  2. Select a picture and click Select (or simply double-click the picture).
  3. In the calendar window, resize the picture and position it as you like.
  4. With the picture still selected, select Layer Order/Send to Back from the Layout menu.
  5. Right-click anywhere on the calendar grid and select Properties.
  6. Set the Background Shading to None for all grid sections (Grid, Cell, Week Day, and Small Calendars).

You may also wish to change the font and grid line colors in the calendar grid's Layout Properties dialog box so they are clearly visible against the picture you've selected as your background.