Adding Styles to Tasks

Once you have defined your task, you can apply formatting styles to the task text and enhance its appearance on your calendar. Use the controls on the Add Task or Modify Task dialog box. These are the dialog boxes that are accessed when you add a new task or modify an existing task.

The text style options for tasks are located along the top of the dialog box and include font selection, size, style, color and justification. These controls are similar to those found in other Windows-based applications:

  • Font and Size (from the drop-down menus) allow you to select a font style and size.
  • Bold, Italic and Underline applies style formatting to the text.
  • The multi-colored Palette button allows you to select a color for your text.
  • Justification is used to position text to the left, right, or center within the borders of the text object.

A preview of the text formatting displays in the Description area as you make changes.

The Task Effects portion of the dialog lets you select a Shading and Shade Color effect. (See Adding Tasks with Details for more about task effects.)

Select the desired settings. When these and other settings on this dialog are complete, click OK to save changes and return to your calendar.