Task Report Views

A Task Report is a view of tasks that can be customized in a variety of ways, like the other views (month, week, day, etc.). This view allows you to show information associated with a task such as done, priority, description, and due date. Using this view, you can customize the information displayed.

To use the Task Report view:

  • Open the View menu and select Task Report on the Show Calendar submenu. You can also select Task Report from the View Indicator on the Navigation toolbar.

To format your Task Report:

  • Right-click the task grid and select Properties to access the Layout Object Properties dialog box.
  • Use the Style tab to set properties for the Task List, Column Headings, or Tasks. Click OK when your selections are complete.
  • Select the Miscellaneous tab. Here you can specify how you would like your tasks to be sorted - By Due Date, By Description, By Priority, etc. Click the Descending order check box if you want your tasks sorted in reverse order.
  • When you have selected all of your settings, click OK to display the reformatted task report.