Sending Your Calendar as a PDF File

Calendar Creator allows users to save their calendars as a PDF file and attach it directly to an email message. You can then share your calendars and schedules with friends, family, and business associates who do not use Calendar Creator.

To send a calendar as a PDF file via email:

  1. With your completed calendar view open, choose Send Calendar Via Email from the File menu, then select PDF File (.pdf).

The Send a PDF dialog displays.

  1. Set your calendar Start Date, Periods, and Resolution, then click OK.

A File Information dialog displays with the File Size and Transfer Time.

  1. Click the OK button.

  2. Type the name of the recipient in the email browser's To field, then click the Send button in the email program.

Notes: See your email program's help file for more information.

To use this feature you must have a MAPI enabled email account.

The Send Calendar as PDF File feature is not available in all versions of Calendar Creator.