Importing csv Files from other Applications

Event lists that were created in other applications using the comma separated value (*.csv) format can be imported by selecting Import from the File menu.

To import *.csv files into your event list:

  • Point to Import on the File menu and select Events. Choose *.csv as the file type to be imported.
  • When you use the Import feature, the imported file merges with the open file, creating a single event list when saved.

When the Import Fields dialog box displays use it to assign properties to each field being imported into the event list:

  1. Select the first check box to convert any special DOS-based characters contained in the file to be imported.
  2. Select the second check box to make the first line of the imported file as a header or title.
  3. Click the column header, Unassigned, to assign each field in the imported file to an event list. Then select the event list field from the drop-down list and click OK.