Adding Tasks to Your Calendar

Calendar Creator offers you ways to create, manage and display your own personal to do list within your calendar.

  • Select New Calendar Collection from the File menu. At the Calendar Creator Hub Ready-made Calendar offers Calendar templates with task lists included in the layout.
  • You can also add a task list object to any calendar by selecting Task List Object from the Add menu.

Note: If you choose to add a task list object, you will need to reposition and resize the object to fit your calendar layout. Click and drag to define the area for the task list object. When you release the mouse button, the task list object displays on your calendar. You can adjust the size by clicking and dragging any of its points (the squares that appear when it is selected).

You can add tasks to your calendar by:

  • Entering task information into the Task List.
  • Entering detailed task information into the Add Task dialog box by double-clicking a task list cell or clicking img .

Note: The task list feature is not available in all versions of Calendar Creator.