More About Working with Tasks

Because not all tasks are equal, Calendar Creator provides lots of ways to differentiate between them and keep them sorted in an organized fashion. You can organize your tasks by category or with your task list . You can also keep on top of tasks by using the Task Report View.

To display or hide categories in the active calendar:

  1. Select Categories from the Tasks menu to access the Categories dialog box.
  2. To hide a category from the active calendar, click to de-select the check box next to that category. (This does not remove the category; it only hides it from view in the calendar.)
  3. To display a category that is not currently showing in the active calendar, click to select the check box next to the desired category.
  4. Click OK to save your changes.

Notes: Remember that organizing tasks by categories allows you to quickly hide a category when exporting or sharing files.

Keep in mind that Task and Event lists share the same categories. Adding, deleting, or hiding categories will affect both.