Formatting your Text with Style

The Style tab of the Text Objects Properties dialog box is used to enter text, and select text style, color, and font. It's also used to apply borders and shading, as well as to make your text box Moveable or Unmovable.

  1. Enter your text into the white field in the upper part of the Style tab. As you type, your text is displayed in the larger preview window below. Once you have entered your text, you can apply a variety of styling options to it using the Style tab and other tabs in this dialog box.

These instructions can also be used to modify the font of pre-defined text objects such as titles and subtitles.

  • The Moveable check box allows you to specify whether you want to be able to move the text object freely (check box selected) or lock it in place (check box de-selected).
  • Font and Size (from the drop-down menus) allow you to select a font style and size.
  • Bold, Italic and Underline are used to apply those styles to the text.
  • The multi-colored Palette button allows you to specify a color for the text.
  • Justification is used to position your text to the left, right, or center within the borders of the text box.
  • All Caps displays the text in all capital letters.
  • Show Shadow adds a shadow effect to the text box.

Many of these text formatting options can be applied directly from the main toolbar.

  1. In the Background and Borders section, you may select the Shading, Color, Shape and Border characteristics of the text box.

  2. Shading allows you to choose a pattern or a solid shade of the color indicated in the Color field.

  3. Color lets you specify the color of the text object.

  4. Shape lets you specify the shape of the text object.

  5. The Border options control the object's borders. Each object can have up to two borders, one Inside and one Outside.

  6. Border Style is used to select the thickness and appearance of the border line.

  7. Color is used to select the line's color.

  8. When you have adjusted the text formatting, borders, colors, and shading to your liking, click OK.