Welcome to Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing for Teachers. With Mavis Beacon with you in the classroom, you have a private typing tutor for each one of your students, from the beginners to the advanced students. Through personalized exercises, exciting games, friendly encouragement, and instant feedback, Mavis Beacon provides effective, one-on-one instruction to improve each student’s typing proficiency. Best of all, you no longer need to calculate, interpret, or evaluate individual student performance. Mavis Beacon does this for you. The program keeps a running tally of each student’s progress, keystroke by keystroke. It stores this data for instant access and uses it to create individualized lessons based on the student’s typing history. At any time, you and your students may review an updated progress report with graphs showing proficiency in meeting typing goals on lessons, quizzes, and tests and showing progress in learning each of the keys on the keyboard. You can also print these class and student progress reports, providing your students with informal typing report cards. This Teacher Guide helps you determine which of the program’s many features best fit your style and instructional needs. It covers the following areas:  Skills your students learn in Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing for Schools  Lesson sequencing  Typing games  How to customize lessons  How to set WPM (Words per Minute)/KPM (Keys per Minute) typing goals  Extended learning activities that include Transcription Exercises and Dictation Exercises  Management tips This program works effectively in both a regular classroom and a computer lab, and its age appropriate content makes it ideal for kids, teens, and adults.