Activity 3 - Basic Word Game

Mavis Beacon introduces all beginners to sets of keys in stages, starting with ASDF. Once students achieve a certain proficiency with these keys, Mavis introduces the next set. This set-by-set progression continues until the typist gains familiarity with the complete keyboard.


As beginning students are introduced to each new set of keys, ask your class to see how many actual words can be formed from the limited letters being used. For example, for ASDF: sad, fad, add, dad, etc.

Hold contests for the most obscure words, the longest words, or the greatest number of words students can make from these sets. Try organizing teams and having them create sentences, paragraphs, or even short stories from a pool of words that each team member contributes. You can give awards for the silliest sentences, the most imaginative paragraph, or the most ridiculous story.

Load the winning entries into a file and create Custom Lessons for practicing each set of keys. This further personalizes student-typing sessions and helps promote vocabulary, thinking, and research skills while developing a collaborative learning environment.