Activity 10 - Famous Quotes

The collateral possibilities are endless with this activity. Have students:

  1. Create their own famous quotes.

  2. Research and collect famous quotes from individuals that students are studying in history, science, humanities, current events, etc.

For younger students, have a Quote Convention and:

  1. Put the names of quotable people in a box.

  2. Have each student select a name.

  3. Give students 24 hours (or as long as appropriate) to find a quote and some basic background information on their individual.

  4. Have students type and then present their quotes and background information to the class.

  5. Collect the quotes and build a Custom Lesson for future practice.

    Teaching Tip

    • In addition to the standard quotation references, the Internet is a great resource for creating and building this file.
    • Please remember that quotes are often protected by copyright law and should be treated accordingly.