D4 Lesson 4

​ D4W01 Dear Mr. Johnson:

​ D4W02 Enclosed please find my resume in response to your advertisement for a systems analyst.

​ D4W03 My current position as an applications consultant with Crossbase Corporation

​ D4W04 has provided me with a broad range of experience

​ D4W05 with both mainframe and personal computers.

​ D4W06 I have programmed in several languages, but more importantly I have prepared requirements,

​ D4W07 tested, and implemented system changes.

​ D4W08 I have worked closely with both users and programmers

​ D4W09 to develop applications that accurately produce the necessary results.

​ D4W10 I would appreciate the opportunity of discussing how my qualifications

​ D4W11 fit your requirements.

​ D4W12 Sincerely,

​ D4W13 Mary Chan