Advanced Level

Activity 15: This activity involves language and words. Mavis loves language.

Activity 16-17: Makes use of content your students will enjoy—newspaper articles, song lyrics, and newspaper advice columns—as a way to foster a fun atmosphere for typing improvement.

Activity 18-20: Not only will students improve their typing with these activities, their awareness of current events and participation in the civic process will also rise.

Activity 21-22: Focuses on typing development in the areas of numbers and symbols.

Activity 23: Suggests how you can use your colleagues or content in Mavis for additional typing practice.

Activity 24: Fosters typing improvement while teaching the proper way to develop business letters.

Activity 25: Includes seven transcription exercises.

Activity 26: Includes six dictation lessons that correlate to audio within Mavis.

  • The advanced typist needs to work on more speed and accuracy.
  • These activities help reinforce the skills that students have practiced in the onscreen lessons.
  • These activities are designed to provide more “real world” material for typing practice so that students understand the practicality of the skills they are learning.
  • The activities ask students to type paragraphs, letters, essays, and creative forms of writing, such as lyrics, poems, and so on.
  • The topics range in academic as well as social subject matter. Students will see a direct connection to material taught in other courses; they will also become more aware of current events and acquire some good citizenship skills.
  • Students continue to practice transcription and dictation