Activity 9 - Everyday Slang

Slang is a part of our modern language, but how many students know the origins of these common words? Have them brainstorm and build a list of slang terms during a class session, then look up and briefly describe their origins. Do not put this on the back burner. Build some thingamajigs (files) and put the whole shebang into a Custom Lesson for the entire class to practice. Here are a few to get you started.

​ ace in the hole flub whole shebang

​ bingo geek whole hog

​ brainstorm hit the deck yak

​ catch-22 off the cuff zap

​ cheapo on the back burner zero hour

​ cheesy stand up and be counted zilch

​ flaky thingamajig

Teaching Tip

Your language typing activities are limitless. Try creating lists of words that include all of the vowels (in or out of order), multiple combinations of different letters (i.e. Beijing, Fiji, Mississippi, nonannouncement, onomatopoeia), acronyms, homonyms, and palindromes, etc.