D3 Lesson 3

​ D3W01 Dear Hotel Pacific:

​ D3W02 I would like to reserve a deluxe suite for two people at your hotel

​ D2W03 for the 3 nights of October 7th, 8th, and 9th.

​ D3W04 I hope that the deluxe suite is still furnished with two queen sized beds,

​ D2W05 a microwave oven, and a small refrigerator.

​ D3W06 We would like a room higher than the 8th floor

​ D2W07 looking down on the pool area.

​ D3W08 If you cannot fulfill this request as stated,

​ D2W09 please notify me at once.

​ D3W10 Thank you for your immediate attention to my request,

​ D3W11 Joan Gordon